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Painting Heirlooms to be Loved


Two Dogs on a grassy hill


Fields of Flowers, Mountains in the distance

Weathered & Worn #1

This is an example of using subtle greys through brush work. I love old buildings, barns and homes. They have such character. 

Floral Bouquet

This is an example of Hue, Intensity & Value. The flowers are the subject but not the purpose of the painting. 

Keep Your Dress Clean!

This is a young girl walking along. By the beach, a sidewalk, who knows where? 

My Story

Dave Rodgers – Oil Paint Artist

Welcome to my website. I am an oil paint artist. I love to interpret landscapes, buildings, antique anything, animals and scenes that catch my eye. An avid outdoorsy person, I love to hike, run, cycle or just walk our dogs.

I started painting in 2017. My wife & I participated in a couple fun painting events and I really enjoyed the relaxation and creative process of a painting.

I am constantly learning, discovering and exploring the media. It is so immense and enjoyable.

Please explore my site, if you have any questions or comments, let me know. I have marked any sold originals. If it isn’t marked its available and even the sold paintings I have artist proofs if you love the image.


Rodgers and Sue Rodgers - in the mountains
Dave and Sue Rodgers in the winter scene

Definitely My Better Half

I have been blessed with meeting my wife in 2009 and happily married since 2013. We have 4 kids and 4 grandkids and an ever increasing number of great nieces and nephews.

My wife is my greatest supporter. My second harshest critic and my best friend. When I tell you a painting is “Sue Approved”, its a good painting!

Art & Its Many Sides…

Since starting painting in 2017, I have participated in and learned a great deal from several local artists. I want to tip my hat and thank T. Michael Downs, Ray Swirsky, Michael Huzer, Brian “Bunny” Batista, Nancy Hughes, Susan Contini & Doug Swinton, and the staffs of both Swinton Art Supply and Kensington Art Supply in Calgary. All of whom have contributed, directed and taught me so much!

Rodgers Original Oils - Oil Paint Artist - prairies

Recent Work



“We Commissioned Dave to do a portrait of Dexter and we are thrilled!! Looks exactly like him and Dave has captured him perfectly!”
Julie Koebel


“I’ve known Dave for several years. Dave has a huge love of the outdoors and animals, and when he started painting it was amazing to see how good he was…right off the bat he seemed to get it! I am lucky enough to own a few of his paintings, but my favourite is his portrait of my horse, he nailed it in every way. His eye for detail, the spirit of the animals he paints, the ‘soul’ of his landscapes. He continues to impress me as his work develops.” Debbie Black

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